OxyMins The Best Liquid Minerals on the Planet Mr. Oxygen's

Liquid Fulvic & Humic Nano-Ionic Mineral Complex

Guaranteed to be the tiniest, yet densist, most concentrated, and deeply absorb-able plant minerals on the planet. This is what Nature was supposed to have built your body out of. In our well-researched opinion, no one has enough of ALL the necessary natural full spectrum minerals because the farm soils are all played out, so lab tests prove our soils now average only 3 to 6 minerals. We're all supposed to have a minimum of 78 minerals!

Today foods are grown in mineral-depleted soils, which yield mineral-deficient plants, which when eaten always have to result in mineral deficient bodies. You get enough minerals to live, but not enough to run everything in you perfectly, and this is verified by lab tests. Because of the deficiencies in the soil, it now takes 75 bowls of spinach to equal the iron that was in one bowl of spinach over fifty years ago. Could you eat 8 loaves of bread? That’s what it would take to get the nutrition from the wheat from years gone by. No wonder people are eating, and yet still nutritionally starving to death at the same time. Could you eat a bathtub of salad to get the few nutrients out of it? Of course not. Now you can understand why the vast majority of Americans are overweight and yet still nutritionally literally starving to death on the inside. Our empty food is killing us.

On top of all this liars and fraudsters are selling mineral products and horribly watering them down and making all the word claims like they are the same, 100% concentration, and pure. Buyer beware. Shop only "Mr. Oxygen's formulas," the quality first name you know you can trust for over 22 years. 

Deliver to your body what the food industry stopped doing long ago and now can't! Drink OxyMins daily and YOU tell US the difference after you body has a chance to get used to having all the natural plant minerals in it daily!

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If you want the convenience of minerals in capsules charged with subtle energies, please enjoy our OxyEarth. And for more money, you can enjoy our OxyVeg probiotic juice - also full of natural minerals and natural digestive flora..

OxyMins has every mineral your food is supposed to have. Cutting edge natural technology keeps these tiny dense plant minerals always in nano-ionic suspension, no clumping or flocculation, just deep absorption! 32 fl. ozs.

for 32 oz.

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